Sunday, April 20, 2014

Plywood Docking Station for Nexus 7

This afternoon I made a russian birch plywood docking station for my Nexus 7 tablet.

(the photos aren't very good since I took them with very low light)

First I glued two pieces of plywood together for the back of the base,

For the front I used screws to make sure I can pull it out and change the cable if I need to one day,

One thing experience is teaching me is, if you don't need to glue it, then don't.

I glued and screwed everything together then cut everything flush on the table saw.  I made room for the mini usb connector by carving a space with a chisel, then used hot glue to fill the gaps.

It's important to do this with the device connected to make sure it all aligns right,  

not the prettiest thing but it does the job,

To make room for the cable I drilled a hole with the drill press,

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