Sunday, December 7, 2014

California King Size Walnut Bed, Part 4

I assembled the bed in the room before I finished it.

First I clamped everything together:

I use these hardwood squares I made long ago that are super useful for this type of clamping:

These are the holes for the bolts that connect on the other side with barrel nuts.  I used a 3/4 inch forstner bit to make room for the nut head:

I cut the plugs with a plug cutter on the drill press:

And I cut them flush with a flush trim saw.

I installed the support boards which are made out of 2x6 lumber

These are joined with metal squares:

The pieces separating each board are made with plywood and glued to the rail:

This is how it all looked put together before finish:

I sanded everything with the orbital sander at 80, 150 and 220 grit, then used a finish of 2 parts tung oil, 1 part polyurethane and 1 part mineral spirits.  I gave it 3 coats in total and used steel wool in between.

And this is the finished bed:

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