Sunday, November 9, 2014

California King Size Walnut Bed, Part 1

I made some quick sketches for a very simple design using 2x4's and solid walnut.

I wasn't sure whether to have the mattress rest on the actual walnut boards or tucked in, but I think I'll go with the latter (which is, the left sketch):

I started by planning all the boards to 1 1/4 inch thick,

That made a lot of chips

Then I jointed all the edges.  I don't have a jointer large enough to do this, so I just did it on the table saw.  It's good enough for what I need it to be,

That's all of the 2x4s:

8 feet is as long as I can rip in my small shop...

Finally, I sanded everything to 220 grit for now.  I'll do up to 300 later,

That's all the boards ready.  I don't have the mattress yet, but once I have it, I'll cut everything to its final dimensions and assemble it, in part 2.

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