Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Office cabinet

I built this last weekend and finished it throughout the week.  I used English Walnut MinWas stain to experiment with a different look.  The frame is made of 2x4s and oak for the rails.  The drawers are birch plywood, and the handles are 3d-printed in the MakerBot.

The cabinet design is from Matthias Wandel.

I screwed up the height in the plans and made it one inch and a quarter too short, that's why I had to add these shims under the desk.

I first spent some time making the plans on SketchUp

The handles I made in Blender:

a month or so after finishing this I refinished the drawer faces in the planer and then painted them white.  for some reason the pine didn't absorb the stain very well so white looks a lot better

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