Sunday, December 29, 2013

Wood and Plastic Phone Docking Station

This is the second docking station I make for my phone.  This time I used the 3D printer for the top and plywood for the base.

I designed such that the little light that blinks when there are new notifications is hidden inside the slot, since while I am working at my desk, the light is very distracting.

First I made a very simple model of the plastic top in Blender.  For making things that require accurate measurements in Blender, I set the units as metric and then the scale as 0.001, which makes 1 blender unit correspond to 1 millimeter.  This ensures that when the model is exported to STL format it keeps the right dimensions.  I use my caliper to take measurements which I then use in the virtual model, then I print a prototype piece in low quality to make sure everything looks good and make any adjustments if necessary before I print the final piece.

The top attaches to the wooden base with screws, so I modeled a simple screw which then I subtracted with a boolean modifier to create the whole and the countersink.

I glued the micro usb connector with cement glue, and I ran the cable through a small slot which I routed on the wood.  I will probably use velcro tap to cover it all and then stick it to my desk.

The bottom is made with two layers of 1/2 inch plywood which I laminated together and then cut it to measure.  I gave everything a couple of coats of spray lacquer.

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